Skating Rink in Tuscaloosa, AL

There's nothing quite like gliding around a skating rink. Whether you're a kid or an adult, there's something exhilarating about flying effortlessly across the smooth surface of the polished rink. Super Skate is the premiere roller skating rink in Tuscaloosa, AL, and residents know that when they're looking to have fun, we are the place to go.

In addition to our rink, visitors have access to our arcade and seating area. Skate around for as long as you like, we have a place for you to rest, and games for you to play if you get tired of skating.

If you're looking for fun children's activities for your family, there's nothing quite like us. People love visiting us for fun family and church group activities. We host tons of birthday parties, supplying you with a place to celebrate, eat and have fun. You and your friends will always find fun at our entertainment center!

Don't worry about bringing your own skates. We'll supply them for you! With tons of rentals in a massive array of sizes, we ensure that you'll get to skate comfortably. If you're looking to host a party, or if you want to learn more about Super Skate contact us today in Tuscaloosa, AL! We'll be glad to assist you!

During School Schedule

Friday 7-11pm $20 ($15 if parent stays)

Saturday 1-4pm $10

Saturday 7-11pm $20 ($15 if parent stays)

Sunday 2-5pm $10

Summer & Holiday Schedule

Tuesday-Saturday 1-4pm $10

Friday & Saturday 7-11pm $20 ($15 if parent stays)

Sunday 2-5pm $10


Why Choose Us

  • Fun For Everyone
  • Great Parties
  • Affordable Rates